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Online Payment Gateway Integration

When it comes to payment gateway integration services, zetta logic provides our customer an end-to-end software integration service for any merchant account provided by a payment gateway application service provider. This integration service provider integrates credit card or direct payments processing for all forms of businesses. The payment gateway is a third-party between merchants and customers that securely take the customer’s money and deposit it in the merchant’s bank account.


Boldpay is a leading payment gateway provider and is compatible with a majority of current software systems. Boldpay uses the world’s largest backend merchant processing platform, so merchants can start processing right away after verification. Zetta logic provides seamless integration for merchants who are seeking technical knowledge to integrate Boldpay.


Ipay88 is one of the largest payment gateway service providers in Malaysia that deliver a seamless checkout experience by integrating with iPay88’s payment system into your website, kiosk or app. The payment methods offered include bank cards, online banking to e-wallets. Zetta logic has been working on ipay88 technical integration and provides easier ways to program your checkout system to integrate with Ipay88.