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API Management

SyncTree provides all functions of API Lifecycle management to create, manage, analyze, and monetize APIs. Its simplified process and developer-friendly environment reduce API creation time and increase productivity through scalable development. The API management of SyncTree focuses on 5 key segments – Scalability and High Availability, Fast API creation and Scalability, API Security and Data Protection, Powerful Orchestration,Developer Portal and Digital Ecosystem.

Serverless Microservices

SyncTree provides all the functions of microservice management so that you can implement and manage microservices in a serverless environment where you do not have to worry about server construction and operation. It provides a developer-friendly environment and a variety of module blocks to achieve programming-level development without setting a separate development environment or codes. In addition, independent version control and distribution are possible, so large-scale tasks can be stably processed in parallel.

System Integration and Synctree

There are many variations of software products and new technology stacks in market. Technical expenses is rising up due to the lifecycle and the rise of cost effective integration tools for system design. Zetta Logic is the exclusive technical partner for Synctree, which provides robust and standardized API security, and a variety of amazing features for fully managed DevOps.